• Marine Model Makers supply Maritime Museum

    Marine Model Makers complete a series of models for Foynes Flying Boat and Maritime Museum.
    This project consists of a series of models at 1:50 scale of various vessels that navigate and have navigated the Shannon Estuary.
    Vessels modelled include the Arklow Moor(at just over 9 feet long), Celtic Isle tug, Loop Head pilot boat, Kelpie steam ship, Kathleen and May schooner, Shannon hooker and more.
    Also commissioned and included in the display are 2 wonderful models of sailing ketches which Conor O’Brien of Foynes Island designed

    Both models are at 1:32 scale, Saoirse, first registered in 1922, which O’Brien sailed around the world in 1923/1925 and Ilen, built in 1926 which he sailed and sold to the Falkland Islands.
    On the opposite wall to the model vessels of the Shannon Estuary is a massive topographical model of the entire estuary from Limerick westwards to Loop Head at 1:20,000 scale and features lighthouses and all the navigational buoys and lights flashing with their correct characteristics. This model was constructed by Marine Model Makers sister company Crowley Modelmakers.

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